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Wetland Resources

USC Vernal Pool Field Guide

The USC and partners have developed an online Vernal Pool Field Guide.

Check it out at this link to view photos of amphibians and macro-invertebrates and learn about vernal pool obligate species.

Landowner Management USC Flyer About Wetlands Flyer

Ephemeral Pool Species ID Flier: intended for outreach and educational use and to encourage our vernal pool mapping initiative. To request copies, or contact us about our ephemeral pool program e-mail us at: ephemeralpools@u-s-c.org

This poster is available for distribution to schools and other education-based efforts. Contact us for more information.

Ephemeral Pools Poster

Resources required to build a successful wetland program include wetland restoration criteria, geographic and other background data for site and landscape-level review, familiarity with ongoing wetland research, issues, researchers and professionals, sources of wetland-related funding, and often the most important are the partnerships forged with agencies and environmental organizations.

This is in no way an exhaustive list so if you are familiar with other pertinent resources, please let us know

Fact Sheets

EPA Wetlands: Protecting Life and Property from Flooding
EPA Wetlands: Functions and Values
EPA Wetland Restoration
EPA Threats to Wetlands
USGS - About Wetlands
Wetland Functions and Values from Environmental Concern - an online wetland functions and values powerpoint with self quizzes
Chesapeake Bay Wetlands

Online Mappers - useful in evaluating potential wetland restoration sites

USDA Web Soil Survey - IMS of digital soil survey data with aerial photos or USGS Topo maps as the background image
USDA Plants Database - excellent resource for identifying wetland plants and plant indicator status
Bing Maps - this online mapper does standard mapping and directions, but also has a button for "bird's eye" that will open high resolution oblique aerial photos by Pictometry. Click on the compass directions to view the same location from different angles - not available everywhere.

New York Specific Links
- a lot of acronyms for an online mapper that shows the NYS Archeologically Sensitive Areas NYS DEC Environmental Resource Mapper - IMS of the State Regulated wetlands and adjacent "Wetland Checkzone"

Other Wetland Programs

NYS DEC Wetlands Program
Ducks Unlimited
USC Vernal Pool Program
The Wetland Trust
FWS Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program

Wetland Training Courses/Organizations

Environmental Concern
Rutgers Wetlands, Soils & Ecology Training
The Swamp School
Richard Chinn Environmental Training

Institute for Wetland & Environmental Education & Research
Wetland Training Institute
NRCS Wetland Training

Potential Sources of Wetland Program Funding:

EPA Wetland Program Development Grants
EPA 5-Star Restoration Program
National Coastal Wetlands Conservation Grant Program

North America Wetlands Conservation Act
Visit this link to view a list of Private foundations providing Wetland Restoration Funding

Wetland Team Products:

A Vernal Pool Sign - Submit your pool data along with information contact information, and we will send you a sign




































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