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USC Wetland Projects

ongoing projects

We currently monitor and performe maintenance on 20 mitigation sites throughout the watershed and beyond.

We are working on a NYS DEC Water Quality Improvement Project constructing wetland complexes on state land in 11 counties of the Upper Susquehanna Drainage.

We are wrapping up a 2014 National Fish and Wildlife Foundation entitled “An Approach for Natural Infrastructure Restoration.” During this grant we will complete designs on 3 natural infrastructure watersheds for Spencer Lake, Chemung County Floodplain and Catatonk Creek property. Will have engineered designs to obtain future funding in future proposals.

Our In-Lieu Fee Program in partnership with The Wetland Trust is up and running with credits being sold across 15 watershed in central NY. This project allows us to identify high quality wetland mitigation and wetland protection sites and helps us improve watershed targeting of these intensive wetland restoration projects. 

We maintain a "Potential Sites" database for use on current projects and for planning purposes in soliciting future funding.   Please visit the wetland construction page for information on submitting information on potential sites, and what potential sites should look like.

completed projects

in 2017 we completed a susquehanna basin climate change resiliency GIS toolkit including a series of ESRI-shapefile format layers showing locations potentially suitable for installation of Best Management Practices to reduce farm and watershed vulnerability to climate change. Best Management practices include wetland restoration targets, wetland protection targets, riparian buffer restoration targets – including both upland and wetland conditions, steep-slope reforestation zones, as well as locations potentially suitable for adding flood storage through pond construction. 

In 2015 we completed a Green Innovation Grant project that resulted in the construction of wetland complexes on state land in accordance with State Forest Unit Management Plans.

In 2013 we completed a grant project received from the US EPA that supported planning and watershed evaluations necessary to develop an in-lieu fee and Mitigation Banking Program. This project partnered us with researchers at SUNY ESF and Binghamton University to evaluate past and ongoing mitigation projects, and to help in watershed analyses needed to develop a successful site prioritization methodology.

In 2012 we partnered with The Wetland Trust, Tom Biebighauser of the US Forest Service, SUNY ESF and the Heiberg Research Forest, and the EPA to host a week-long wetland restoration institute affectionately known as "Wetland Boot Camp." This wetland training introduced students to a variety of wetland restoration techniques, reviewed

In 2012 we completed our first Green innovation Grant Program project funded through the Federal Stimulus program. During this 3-year contract we constructed 267 acres of wetland complexes comprised of 219 wetland potholes on state forest land in  NYS DEC regions 7 and 8.

In 2010 we initiated a partnership with SUNY College of Environmental Sciences and Forestry (ESF) in which the USC constructed of 71 vernal pools on the Heiberg Research Forest.  In preparation for this project ESF students collected empirical data on existing forest conditions and previously constructed pools throughout the USC watershed.

In 2005 we were awarded a Congressional Appropriation in partnership with the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Through this appropriation, co-sponsored by Congressman Hinchey (NY) and Senator Spector (PA), provided funding to implement construction and restoration of over 130 acres of wetlands through out the USC watershed in both New York and Pennsylvania.

In 2002 we acquired funding through a NYS DEC Bond Act Grant to restore 119.9 acres of wetland in three targeted sub-watersheds of the USC Watershed.

A 2002 EPA Wetland Program Development Grant funded efforts to add an ephemeral wetland component to our wetland program.  Through this project we sought to educate watershed residents about Ephemeral Wetlands, also known as "Vernal Pools," increase protection on a municipality-level,.   We  are mapping, studying and creating them. We started a database of existing vernal pools in the watershed and  monitoring  amphibian presence at selected sites. Click this link to view a web page specifically on our Ephemeral Wetland Project

The USC received an EPA Wetlands Program Development Grant that will enable us to work with schools, and communities in efforts to educate the public about ephemeral wetlands/ vernal pools. Click this link to visit our Vernal Pool Page and visit our Resources Page to see

Amphibian Monitoring as part of an initiative by the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay. Protocol found on the FrogWatchUSA website will be the basis for the establishment of the volunteer monitoring program.

Wetland Creation using LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) Click here to view a slide show on LiDAR.













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