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Welcome to the USC Wetland Program -
Home of the Chesapeake Bay Wetland Champions

 USC Restored Wetland

Wetland work throughout the Upper Susquehanna

The USC Wetland Program integrates the coalition-wide philosophy of improving watershed quality through BMP implementation- with all facets of work in the world of wetlands. 

Since inception in 2001 the wetland program has matured into a specialized “vertically and horizontally integrated” system. This system combines staff specialized in wetland site identification, evaluation, delineation, survey, design, and monitoring with construction and heavy equipment expertise and allows the USC wetland program to complete any wetland project.

This Brochure describes the USC as Wetland Champions Page 1 - Page 2 (pdf)


visit our Wetland Projects page to learn about more ongoing and recent projects

Click here to view a slideshow of recent wetland projects:
Recent USC wetland projects




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