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USC Stream Team

View new Stream Team Products including our Stream Corridor Assessment Guide and related powerpoint presentations on our Stream Products Page.

The USC Stream Team has been hard at work hosting Emergency Stream Intervention (ESI) trainings throughout the Upper Susquehanna watershed and beyond. The following is a poster prepared to describe the steps taken to develop the ESI program

Emergency Stream Intervention

Visit our Stream Restoration page to view before and after pictures of stream restoration projects

Emergency Stream Intervention uses regional curves to identify stream channel elements of width, depth, cross sectional area and flood plain dimensions at a given stream reach location in the watershed.  These curves, coupled with an extensive training of municipal officials and contractors, an expedited permit process, and locally led implementation can achieve the following goals:

  • Provide watershed specific criteria for regulators and emergency response agencies to identify the scope of work needed to restore channel dimensions in emergency and post flood conditions
  • Enable those conducting stream maintenance activities immediately after a storm to do so in a timely and environmentally sensitive manner
  • Provide a tool that will aid landowners and regulatory authorities to identify the scope of maintenance needs and remedial actions
  • Restore channel stability and reconnect them to their floodplains as the basis for all maintenance activities

Stream Intervention Trainings consist of three training days all of which must be attended to recieve credit for attendance

USC Vernal Pool Field Guide

ESI Trainings were offered throughout the watershed, and New York State. The above flier was used for the trainings we hosted.



Stream Corridor Rehabilitation includes natural stream design techniques, stream rehabilitation and stabilization, floodplain enhancement and buffers that we generally think about in the flooding/erosion arena. The problems associated with streams are many, usually large and can be expensive. We have develop a USC Stream Team, lead by Bradford County Conservation District to provide technical expertise and training to USC members.

The Steam Team's guiding principals are

  • Stream issues will be approached on systemic manner considering whole watershed condition and impact
  • When possible, stream issues will be monitored to determine rate and status of observed or perceived impairments
  • Stream issues will be approached with a restoration objective as opposed to a stabilization approach where possible
  • Restoration includes consideration of geomorphic, hydrologic, habitat, water quality, riparian, social and economic values
  • Stream issues will be approached in a pragmatic manner with the realization that funding, materials and other resources are limited
  • The education of landowners, municipal officials, maintenance personnel, land use planners, etc. is of primary importance in order to effect cultural change in how we manage our streams and watersheds
  • Creative, cost effective approaches to stream restoration is encouraged in management, regulation and actual in channel work
  • Information learned in our region regarding stream restoration (what works and what doesn't work) will be shared and networked
  • Local empowerment through education, training, actual experience, etc. is a primary objective (use of local designers, contractors, material suppliers)
  • Further research of regional stream system elements is needed to better understand the complexity of our local streams


















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