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Selected Project Description:

Precision Feed Management

Development of a practical approach for reducing imported nutrients on dairy operations through the precise management of feed and forage, “Precision Feed Management (PFM)”, at a watershed scale. Contact: James Curatolo USC Watershed Coordinator

Project Duration: 3 years.

Project Director: James Curatolo, Watershed Coordinator, 607-546-2528, jac3@htva.net, 4729 State Route 414, Burdett, NY 14818.

Project Collaborators: Larry Chase, Professor, Department of Animal Science and Quirine Ketterings, Assistant Professor, Department of Crop and Soil Sciences, Cornell University, Tom Tylutki (Agricultural Modeling and Training Systems, LLC) and Paul Cerosaletti (Delaware County Cornell Cooperative Extension).

Estimated number of EQIP eligible producers: 93

Project Objectives and Natural Resource Concern(s) to be Addressed: The goal of this project is to implement precision feeding and forage management practices and determine the shifts that occur in both nutrient excretion from the animal and whole farm mass balance. The hypothesis is that nutrient excretion can be decreased by 15-30% and whole farm mass balance by 30-40% on many dairy farms in the Upper Susquehanna Watershed. The two nutrients of greatest concern in relation to dairy farming are nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P).

Summary of Work to be Performed: This project will utilize a number of methods, tools and approaches to define and adjust precision feeding practices on dairy farms: (1) Whole farm mass nutrient balance (2) Define and establish information on current feeding practices and nutrient management on dairy farms (3) Educational meetings for dairy producers and feed industry professionals (4) Dairy herd demonstration precision feed management trials.

Total Project Cost: $2,127,062 Total Federal Funds Requested: $ 999,798







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