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"A Guide To Living in Harmony with Streams" (65.5 mb .pdf)

This booklet was Awarded the "2007 Outstanding Planning Excellence Award for Public Outreach" by the American Planning Association, New York Upstate Chapter. This guide is available in pdf and is 65.5 mb. The document is hosted by the Chemung County SWCD website

The handbook is also available in a powerpoint version (20 mb .pdf)


Rural Design Workbook

This workbook is an easy-to-use collection of real-life development designs and recommended land use language for use by municipal planning boards as they review subdivision and site plan proposals. it has been developed by the Southern Tier Central Regional Planning and Development Board in conjunction with classes in Cornell University's Landscape Architecture program, and emphasizes design with promotes environmental health and conservation, preserves the rural character, and provides financial benefits or alternatives.

Contact STC Regional Planner Jennifer Fais for more information

EPA Initiative

This document is the Upper Susquehanna Coalition's bid for the EPA's Watershed Initiative that was due in November of 2002. From this link you can view the actual proposal, the maps that were in it, letters of commitment, and the letters of support.

The Upper Susquehanna Coalition was one of 20 watersheds selected from the field of 176 proposals to receive this grant.

Catatonk Creek Watershed Plan

The Catatonk Creek Watershed Plan is an example of a strategic plan that was created to organize and prioritize work in a specific watershed.

Seeley Creek Watershed Strategic Plan

The Seeley Creek Watershed Strategic Plan is another example of a plan that was created to organize and prioritize work in a specific watershed. Seeley Creek and its tributaries experience problems associated with streambank erosion, channel instability, sedimentation, habitat degradation, and flooding. These problems not only affect the local citizens, but they ultimately affect the Chesapeake Bay as well.

Spencer Lake Art and Environmental Education Center

A prospectus to transform Spencer Lake into a community art and environmental education center and watershed restoration demonstration site.

USC Local Wetland Program

This document describes the focus and set up of the Upper Susquehanna Coalition's wetland program.

USC White Paper

This document provides an overview of the structure of the Upper Susquehanna Coalition as well as a description of various ongoing USC supported projects and programs.

USC Workbook

Maps and Posters
This map is used often in USC projects because it shows the USC Watershed with all of the 11-digit watersheds labeled including labeled streams, and major highways. The second page of the pdf shows statistics from the individual watersheds.
This outreach poster depicts pictures from throughout the watershed. The poster is a jpeg file 18x24 inches. Printed copies are available if you contact us.
This poster is intended to be an overview of the USC and its program. The link on the picture opens a file that can be printed on 11 x 17 paper but for a zip of a 3 x 4 foot jpeg version, click this link
This poster was developed as a sign that will be printed for several local nature centers. The sign was developed and will be printed using EPA 5-star funding.
This map shows a callout of the Upper Susquehanna River Watershed from the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.
This is a poster on the ongoing USC Roadditch Road bank assess-ments.
This is a poster on the ever expanding USC Wetland Program with some concentrated discussion on GIS, Ephemeral Wetlands, SMR, and successfully created wetlands.
This poster about our ephemeral wetlands grant was presented at a wetlands conference in March 2003.
This 13 x 19 poster is a smaller version of our "Communities Connected by Water" sign which was created in 2001. This sign was distributed throughout the watershed with a copy of the sign in each USC member county. The signs can be found at various rest areas and community parks.
This informative sign was developed for the Catatonk Creek Watershed Association. This link opens a large jpeg of the sign.

Upper Susquehanna Coalition
Main Office: 183 Corporate Drive - Owego, NY 13827 - (607) 687-3553
Coordinator: James Curatolo - 4729 State Route 414, Burdett, NY 14818 - (607) 546-2528