USC and the Chesapeake Bay

USC and the Chesapeake Bay

The Chesapeake Bay is an extremely diverse ecosystem and the largest estuary in the United States that recieves freshwater from a 64,000 square mile watershed.

The USC encompasses the headwaters of the Susquehanna River and thus the headwaters of the Chesapeake Bay. The boundaries of the Coalition are defined as those lands and waters of the Susquehanna River upstream of Towanda PA (see map to the right). Also of importance is the fact that Towanda PA is home to a USGS gauging station that the EPA Chesapeake Bay Program (CBP) uses to track flow and nutrient level coming form the Susquehanna Headwaters. These number help to calibrate the CBP “Bay Model” that generates computer simulations of nutrient and sediment loads from various portion of the Bay watershed.

Each Bay State will be given a load allocation to meet for Sediment, Nitrogen and Phosphorus. The NY Department of Environmental Conservation in partnership with the Upper Susquehanna Coalition has developed a Tributary Strategy to reduce these loads as NY's contribution to clean up the Bay. NY State's official approach is to target the highest quality practices that will help reduce its nutrients and sediment loads regardless of the geographical location. This unique approach is possible because the Upper Susquehanna

Coalition has a watershed-wide network established to implement projects. The USC's PA members are also working closely with the PA Department of Environmental Protection to implement the PA Strategy.

The USC's overarching goal is to have the flow leaving the headwaters be as clean as possible, passing the water's stewardship to the downstream states. For information about the Chesapeake Bay, the state of the Bay and cleanup efforts visit the Chesapeake Bay Program's website.

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Chesapeake Bay Program is a unique regional partnership that has led and directed the restoration of the Chesapeake Bay since 1983.

Chesapeake Bay Foundation fights for strong and effective laws and regulations. CBF also works cooperatively with government, business, and citizens in partnerships to protect and restore the Bay. When necessary, we use legal means to force compliance with existing laws.

Subscribe to the Bay Journal - The Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay produces the Bay Journal as a resource to inform the public about issues and events that affect the Chesapeake Bay. With a circulation of 50,000, the Bay Journal is published monthly except for midsummer and midwinter and is distributed free of charge.

Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay - a regional nonprofit organization that builds and fosters partnerships to protect and to restore the Bay and its rivers.











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